• 【Cooling · Warming Function】Powered by 12V DC vehicle socket. New concept automotive thermo electric cup holder, it is a great invention to keep your juice, coke cool or coffee, tea hot while you drive. It is good to use all year round. Using range: Aluminum bottles, Metal bottle and Beverage can's within 7cm diameter.
    • 【Compact design】 This Car Cup Holder is designed for car use. It is compact size that fits well in the car drink holder, it takes less space and is portable. It is a drink holder that will allow you to drink cold or warm drinks anytime you are in the car.
    • 【Effect reference】 Test on the Car Drink Holder (without beverage) -------- Plate temperature range: Minimum -2°C / maximum 60°C (depending on environment). Test with a can of 250ml Coca-Cola in, the ambient temperature is 27°C.------ in Cooling function, the liquid temperature dropped 7°C after 10 minutes, dropped 14°C in 30 minutes. ------in Warming function, the liquid temperature increased by 10°C after 20 minutes.
    • 【Easy operation with one touch】 You can easily switch between COLD and HOT with one touch. The blue light will illuminate during cooling, and the red light will illuminate during heating. Easy operation at a glance.
    • 【6th generation product】Compared to previous products, the cooling function is better (other similar products on the market can reach 12°C when cooling without load while our products reach -2°C---plate temperature). At the same time, the noise level during cooling is below 40dB. No noise is generated during heating.
  • Keep it Cool, While you Drive!
    Keep it Hot, While you Drive!

    In the hot summer, when you buy cold drink to get on the car, you even have not started to taste it before it's getting "warm". How to do? 
    In the cold winter, how comfortable it is to drink warm coffee in the car anytime you want! But how to get it? 
    Our Smart Can Holder help you achieve. 

    The cooling & warming drink holder uses the semiconductor principle for cooling and heating. The cold and heat are passed through the beverage bottle or the aluminum / iron can. The aluminum has the best effect, followed by steel, iron, glass and plastic.
    Therefore, the Coca-Cola can have the best cooling effect in actual use.
    Since the mineral water is filled in a plastic bottle and the bottom of the bottle has an irregular shape, the cooling effect is not good. 

    Product Specification
    Cup Holder size: 16x10cm 
    Inner cup size: 7.2cm Diameter + 6.5cm Depth 
    Voltage: 12V 
    Power: 36W 
    Materials: Aluminum 6061 + ABS + PC 
    Weight: 500g 
    Using range: Aluminum bottles, Metal bottle and Beverage can's within 7cm diameter 

    How to Use? 
    1. Insert the Plug into the cigar lighter for power supply of 12V power source; 
    2. Choose cooling button to keep the items cold, and choose heating button to keep the items warm, it can reach the best effects after 15 minutes. 

    1. Only use with a 12V power source. Do not use with truck cigar lighter as it is 24V. More than 12V of voltage will burn out the product; 
    2. Do Not use heat with bottles or cans with carbonated beverage; 
    3. Do Not Use Plastic for Heating; 
    4. Do not touch the inside of the cup when on heat; 
    5. As it is open design, the cooling function is not that good as fridge.

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Car Drink Holder

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